Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Season

Hello friends out there in webland. Its been six months since I have blogged. So much has been going on. Difficulty, struggle, breakthrough, joy, sorrow, dreams come true, uncertainty, endings and beginnings. Through it all the Lord is FAITHFUL! Even as I write this I'm not quite sure what this blog is about. The title is significant because I am in a new season in my life and in my walk with my Lord. A month ago I quit my job to be at home full time. A dream come true for sure! After five long years of working towards this goal, we finally arrived at a place where we felt the Lord prompting that it was time. Being at home is not for everyone, but for me its where I blossom. Its where my motivation, passion, and talents are in complete alignment with my purpose. It is the place where I am most fulfilled. It is full of challenges that require me to fully depend on the Lord to work in me and through me.

I believe its important that everyone know what makes them want to get out of bed in the morning. What do you love? Where do you feel like you get to be you? What are you doing? Its true that there are many things out there that can be done and be done well. However, there's a place, a spot for everyone. I believe the first place you discover that was made just for you is a place in the love of the heavenly Father. In this place you experience what it is to be a beloved child. As a child you posess an inheritance. (Colossians 1:12-14) In His love you experience grace, mercy, peace, freedom, healing, acceptance, security, rest, shelter, and RELENTLESS love. This is your place in His love. Its all yours and reserved just for you. This place in His love has YOUR name on it. In this place you learn that you are free to be you. He made you. He knows you and loves you. Its also the place where you find your purpose. When you know who you are in the Father's love (your identity in Christ) and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you....something amazing happens!

I am going to attempt to paint a mental picture. I love mental pictures! They really help me :)

You are planted in the Father's love like a seed. His light and love shine down on you. His Spirit waters you like the rain. His Word nourishes you like the soil. Then it happens, you grow and transform. You blossom into a beautiful flower or strong stately oak tree. Its LIFE! Its bright, colorful, creative, orderly, and purposeful!

Now leaving the mental picture :)

As you grow and transform into the man or woman He made you to be, you discover what you are passionate about, what you enjoy doing, what you love, and what your gifts & talents (they aren't the same) are. You are His creation that he has brought to life with His love for a purpose! Chances are your purpose is found in what you are passionate about, what you love, and what you enjoy doing.

I'm 34 and I'm just now figuring this out, so its not too late. I've always somewhat known the answers to these questions (what am I passionate about? What do I love? What do I enjoy doing?). However, two weeks ago I did a flag page that solidified what I already knew. I am passionate about impacting lives, making a difference, and doing something worthwhile. I love people! I genuinely care about people and their lives. I enjoy being with people, encouaging them whenever I can. Connecting with people is a big deal to me!

For years I had a difficult time making meaningful connections with people. It was a constant source of disappointment. I longed for meaningful connections with people, but never seemed to be able to have them. It wasn't until I restored my connection with my heavenly Father and received my place in His love that I was able to connect with people the way I needed to. Because of my secure connection with Him I am free to be me, connect with people void of fear and judgement, and love/inspire/encourage people from a place full of His love and acceptance as a beloved daughter.

In this new season at home I have even more time to connect with people, pray for them, write blogs (lol), and do all the things I love the most. I have more time for my children and my husband. They are my most important people connections!!!

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